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Residential Security Solutions

We provide home security systems in Sri Lanka for every lifestyle, budget and need. They provide peace of mind as well as keep you connected with your loved ones no matter where you are. We also ensure that our products are user-friendly.
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Commercial Security Solutions

Whether it is a CCTV camera or an IR Beam Detector, we provide the most advanced commercial security systems in Sri Lanka. Our anti-theft and monitoring solutions cater to the SME, Retail and large corporate sectors.

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We provide advanced and affordable comprehensive security systems in Sri Lanka for home and business use. Our commercial and home security solutions and services are distinguished by the finest brands in the world.


CCTV Camera produces digital recordings for surveillance reasons. this type of security equipment transmits digital signals to a storage device like laptops or digital video recorders (DVR). You can get DVD quality video recordings from most of the current devices. Closed-circuit television cameras enables you to continuously monitor your property, surroundings and events in a safe and hassle-free manner. This surveillance method has assisted in drastically reducing the crime rate.

IP Camera empowers you to do surveillance via the internet/computer network. Most of these devices available presently do not require network video recorders (NVR) as they possess built-in recording feature and are able to directly record to any standard storage media such as PC, Server or SD card etc.

Some benefits of this security device include both-way audio via a single network, flexibility to transmit commands to equipment over the network, robust encryption and authentication methods and remote accessibility etc. Internet protocol cameras are capable of recording in wide-screen formats and high definition video resolutions.

A digital video recorder, also known as DVR, is an equipment that assists in recording videos in digital format to storage devices. DVRs are used to record the video signals transmitted by CCTV cameras for detection and documentation reasons. Present digital video recorders are able to record audio as well.

A DVR CCTV system offers several benefits such as video search (filtering) by date, time, event and camera. You can also control the quality factor which plays a vital role in optimizing the disk space usage. You can also command the DVR to overwrite old files with new ones if the disk is full.

An IR Beam motion detector is a security device that recognizes moving objects, especially persons. An IR Beam detector is mostly incorporated as an element of a system that spontaneously alerts a user of motion in an area. An electronic motion detector contains an optical, microwave, or acoustic sensor, and in many cases a transmitter for illumination. However, a passive sensor only senses a signal emitted by the moving object itself.

An electronic motion detector usually includes a microwave, optical or acoustic sensor and a transmitter for illumination. But a passive sensor will only sensitive to a signal expended by a moving object itself. Infrared Beam Detectors are widely used in commercial environments and residencies.